Henry George

The truth that I have tried to make clear will not find easy acceptance. If that could be, it would have been accepted long ago. If that could be, it would never have been obscured. But it will find friends—those who will toil for it; suffer for it; if need be, die for it. This is the power of Truth.
Henry George: Progress and Poverty
Works by Henry George
Major works
Our Land and Land Policy (1871)
The Irish Land Question (1881)
The Condition of Labor (1891)
An open Letter to Pope Leo XIII
A Perplexed Philosopher (1892)
A commentary on Herbert Spencer's writings on the land question
Speaches and
Shorter Works



The Crime of Poverty (1885)
Justice the ObjectTaxation the Means (1890)
The Study of Political Economy (1877)
The Land for the People (1889)
The Single Tax —What it is and why we urge it (1880)
Causes of Business Depression (1894)
Why the Landowner cannot shift the tax on landvalues (?)
Ode to Liberty (1877)
Scotland and the Scotsmen (1884)
Thy Kingdom Come (1889)
Thou shalt not steal (1887)
Moses - Apostle of Freedom (?)
What the railroad will bring us (1868)
Is our Civilization Just to Working Men? (1884)
What We Stand For (1887)
How to help the unemployed (1894)
Utility and Futility of Labor Strikes (1897).
The American Republic - Its dangers and possibilities
Oration delivered on the 4th of July, 1877.
To Workingmen (1888)
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