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But as people never suddenly freed themselves from all the injustices which had become customary, nor even did so immediately after the more sensitive individual had recognised their iniquity, but advanced only by leaps, halts, resumings, and again new leaps towards freedom, similar to the struggles of childbirth, so has it been of late with the abolition of slavery, and so is it now with private property in land.

Bishop Nulty Back to the Land
Frederick Verinder My Neighbour's Landmark.
Short Studies in Bible Land Laws
Leo Tolstoy
A Great Inequity
Winston Churchill
Land Monopoly
Frank Dupuis
When Australia Was Colonised
Lessons from Early Land Settlements
Joseph Fels
A Business Man's Religion
Joseph S. Thompson
Max Hirsch
Democracy versus Socialism
The Problem of Wealth
A Reply to Mr. Andrew Carnegie
Father McGlynn
The Land Question. Doctrinal Statement
James Pollock Kohler
Hard Times - about Panics. The cause and the cure.
Berens / Singer
The story of my Dictatorship. LVT clearly explained.
A novel.

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