Land versus Labour Tax
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Wages Slavery
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Our Liberty and Land
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The Lay and the Landless
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The Temperance Land Reformer
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Freedom for Man and Trade
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The Worker's Platform
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Song of the Earth
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Proud and Lazy Asses
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In Love I'd Pass Away (This Page)

The Edwin Burgess 

Letters on Taxation

     Like the dew before the sunshine,
     Like the light at close of day,
     Like the fading of the autumn leaves
     I'm passing now away.
     The hand of death is on me,
     And he's welcome, as a friend
     For he suffering and sorrow brings
     Unto a peaceful end.
     When we cannot give back labour
     For the labour we receive,
     When our feeble words to harmony
     The mind can scarcely weave:
     When with pain and anguish sinking
     When our sun of health is set
     Then is not death a blessing,
     To help us to forget?
     Then, welcome dissolution
     To the body and the brain,
     When I cannot give back labour
     For the labour that I gain.
     For I would not live a burden
     To one of human kind,
     To leave in debt and wretchedness
     A loving one behind.
     No! better when my toil is done
     To peacefully depart,
     And trust to loving sympathy
     To heal the wounded heart.
     Like dew before the sunshine
     Like the light at close of day,
     Like the fading of the autumn leaves,
     In love I'd pass away.
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