The Case for Land Nationalisation

by Joseph Hyder

Secretary to The Land Nationalisation Society,
Author of Land Problems, Public Property in Land, State Land Purchase without Loan or Tax,  The Curse of Landlordism
Preface / Special Introduction
by Alfred R. Wallace
Chapter I
The First Principles of the Land Question
Chapter II
A Cloud of Witnesses
Chapter III
A Land of Great Estates
Chapter IV
Landlord' Powers and Privileges
Chapter V
The Extortion of High Prices for Land
Chapter VI
Land Values and the unearned Increment
Chapter VII
The Leasehold System
Chapter VIII
Mineral Royalties, Rents, and Way-Leaves
Chapter IX
Benevolent (!) Despotism
Chapter X
The Housing Problem
Chapter XI
The Agricultural Labourer
Chapter XII
Landlords and Farmers
Chapter XIII
The Highland Clearances
Chapter XIV
Landlordism in Ireland
Chapter XV
Land Reform Palliatives
Chapter XVI
The Single Tax
Chapter XVII
Taxation of Land Values in Practice
Chapter XVIII
How to nationalise the Land
Chapter XIX
Advantages of Land Nationalisation.
The end.
A Short Bibliography

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