Books for the future
on the land problem

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Forerunners of Henry George
Thomas Paine
1737 - 1809
Agrarian Justice(1797)
Herbert Spencer
1820 - 1903

The Right to Land and The Right of Property
These parts of Spencer's Social Statics are reprinted in A Perplexed Philosopher - (in above pdf format).
With links in the HTML version. (Part 1, Chapter 1 and Chapter 3).
Other writings on the land problem
Dr. Thomas Nulty
Bishop of Meath
Back to the Land (1881)
Frederick Verinder
My Neighbour's Landmark.
Short Studies in Bible Land Laws
Winston Churchill
On Land Monopoly
Speech made to the House of Commons 1909
Special on Denmark
Viggo Starcke

1895 - 1974

Centuries of Exp. w/Land Taxation in Denmark
Our Daily Bread
Pharaoh had a Dream
The Danish Government
The Viking Danes
K.J. Kristensen
Land Valuation in Denmark (1903 - 1945)
Short Stories - on the cause of poverty
Jonathan Swift
A Modest Proposal
Included since Henry George mentions this in Progress and Poverty

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Andre Skribenter
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