Ikke oversatte tekster (men også nogle, som er oversat til dansk):
((all in good time))

By Henry George

  • Our Land and Land Policy
  • Articles and Speeches
  • The Land Question
  • A Perplexed Philosopher


  • Democracy versus Socialism
    by Max Hirsch (1911)

On Land Nationalisation

  • Land Nationalisation
    by Alfred Russell Wallace
  • The Economic and Social Problem
    by Michael Flürscheim
  • The Case for Land Nationalisation
    by Joseph Hyder – 1913
  • Profiteering in Land
    by Joseph Hyder – 1924
  • A Colonist’s Plea for Land Nationalisation
    by A.J.O.


  • Agrarian Justice
    by Thomas Paine – 1797
  • Letters on Taxation
    by Edwin Burgess
  • The Philosophy of Freedom


  • Henry George
    by John Haynes Holmes
  • Henry George – The Scholar
    by Francis Neilson, D.Litt.
  • Robert G. Ingersoll oin Henry George
    Robert G. Ingersoll
  • Henry George and his Gospel
    Lieut.-Col. D. C. Pedder


  • Father Mc. Glynn
  • Back to the Land
    by Most Rev. Dr. Thomas Nulty