About me

– a georgist

I am born in 1940. I live in my own house in Allerød (relevant to mention due to the subject of this homepage).
I spent the first 6 years of my working life – from age 16 till age 22) in the merchant navy. After military service – in the Royal Danish Navy – I took a master degree from the Technical University of Copenhagen in 1971. (Structural and Engineering)

I have been a member of the Danish Henry George Society since 1973 and I was a member of the board 1988 – 1995. The society closed down in 2017 due to lack of members.

I am in the board of the Henry George Library (Private trust fund). See bibliotek1.dk. The purpose of the library is to collect relevant literature and to support activities promoting the thoughts and ideas of Henry George.

I was active in the Henry George Forlaget (Publishing company) from 1992 till 1995. Now closed.

I was Vice President in the International Union for Land Value Taxation and Free Trade 1989 –  2007.

I organized the 21stInternational Conference for Land Value Taxation and Free Trade in 1995 – held at Hotel Scandic in Roskilde (with approx 80 participants from 16 countries). I have participated in international conferences for Land Value Taxation and Free trade in Philadelphia 1989, London 1991, Melbourne 1993, Moskva/St Petersborg 1994, Brighton 1997, Madrid 2004, London 2006, London 2010, London 2013 and Detroit 2015.

I established this homepage in 1997. Found that it was a more effective way of reaching a wider group of people than made possible via the Henry George Society. And so it was in the beginning – but now there are too much information on the web to make any real difference. Despite that I continue.

I made digital copies of all works by Henry George – and by other relevant authors – where copyright has expired, for publishing on this webpage.

I have a publishing firm – grundskyld.dk – to publish books in print, and digital (ePub). I also inherited a publishing firm – Fritanken – which I use for books without direct reference to georgism, (preferably)). For published books, see here.

Per Møller Andersen