Freedom for Man and Trade

Young Liberty is growing fast, he soon will be of age,
And with the tyrants of mankind the war of Freedom wage:
Then bravely raise his banner high, let all who would be free
Enlist to aid the sacred cause of Truth and Liberty. ‘

     Our standard unto every land should ever be unfurled
     With Freedom for all human kind, free commerce with the world.

     Unbound to creed, to party, sect, to colour or to clime,
     Our watchword, Freedom unto all, throughout all space and time;

Freedom to think, to write, to speak, free printing-press and land,      Freedom for woman and for man, in justice we demand.
The shackles from the slave shall fall, the dungeon cease to be;
Tyrants of body and of mind, “‘make way for Liberty;;”
The faggot fires no more shall blaze for martyrs good and brave,
Our language cease to bear the blot of master and of slave.
Inquisitors and ruling knaves too long have been combined,
To blot from out the face of earth the rights of all mankind;
‘Tis time that Liberty should reign with Justice, Love and Truth.
To be the guardians of mankind, the friends of age and youth.
A free earth unto all mankind, an Eden then will bloom,
To bless with plenty every home, and beautify the tomb;
Then Peace and Wisdom, Truth and Love, and Liberty shall reign,
Instead of War and haggard Want, and Tyranny and Shame.
The Tongue and Pen are often far more mighty than the sword,
Lives are destroyed by swords and guns, but errors by a word;
Swords strike but single foes, while words “strike thousands at a blow,”
Which, by a free unshackled press, to all the world may flow.