Our Liberty and Land

We’ve robbers of the people’s land, and pirates of free trade,    
Who plunder us for doing good, by laws, which they have made.    
Now, would you cease to be the slaves of such a robber band,
Repeal the tax on honest toil, and charge it on the land.
Then land will cease to sell for gold, and each can have his share;
While peace and plenty, joy and love, will be our daily fare;
Then all can work at farming, in the factory or mine,
To feed and clothe, and get their gold, and build their houses fine;
And then we’ll build substantial homes, secure ‘gainst fire and rain,
While landlords and monopolists may build to rent in vain;
For land and easy toil each morn, will all we need afford;
Then women will not sell themselves as now for bed and board;
For science and machinery shall aid our daily toil,
To manufacture all we need, and cultivate the soil.
Thus light and easy toil ere noon, will every want supply;
Then rent and care, and haggard want, we’ll ever more defy.
We’ll educate our children, too, in science, words, and facts,
Nor sell the homes of any for an education tax;
We’ll teach them justice, truth, and law, and liberty and love,
To be philosophers indeed, and harmless as a dove;
For plenty then will teach for love, when labour is so light,
When every afternoon will be a Sabbath of delight.
We’ll freely roam o’er Nature then, and cull her gems so rare,
And learn her hidden mysteries with all a student’s care’
Such means would be a blessing to the teacher and the scholar
And need not then exha.nsj ourselves, nor drink to drown our care,
When all the riches Nature yields, in plenty we may share;
Then temperance and industry will bless the human band,
When all shall evermore enjoy their liberty and land.