The Case for Land Nationalisation

The Case for Land Nationalisation
by Joseph Hyder


Preface / Special Introduction
by Alfred R. Wallace

Chapter I: The First Principles of the Land Question
Chapter II: A Cloud of Witnesses
Chapter III: A Land of Great Estates
Chapter IV: Landlord’ Powers and Privileges
Chapter V: The Extortion of High Prices for Land
Chapter VI: Land Values and the unearned Increment
Chapter VII: The Leasehold System
Chapter VIII: Mineral Royalties, Rents, and Way-Leaves
Chapter IX: Benevolent (!) Despotism
Chapter X: The Housing Problem
Chapter XI: The Agricultural Labourer
Chapter XII: Landlords and Farmers
Chapter XIII: The Highland Clearances
Chapter XIV: Landlordism in Ireland
Chapter XV: Land Reform Palliatives
Chapter XVI: The Single Tax
Chapter XVII: Taxation of Land Values in Practice
Chapter XVIII: How to nationalise the Land
Chapter XIX: Advantages of Land Nationalisation.
The end
A Short Bibliography