Short Stories

What is by nature the common birthright of all,
we have made the exclusive property of individuals; 
what is by natural law the common fund,
from which common wants should be met,
we give to a few that they may lord it over their fellows. 
And so some are gorged while some go hungry,
and more is wasted than would suffice to keep all in luxury.
Henry George (The Irish Land Question)

On the Cause of Poverty

Extracts from fiction and non-fiction:

  1. Theft and theft
  2. Enough food?
  3. Uncivilized. A poem.
  4. Slavery and slavery
  5. Charity
  6. Our daily bread
  7. The People of the Abyss   
  8. Paying twice
  9. Western Isles 
    Uachdrain agus Oighreachdan / Landlords and Estates. 
  10. This ain’t your land
  11. Justice
  12. The mind is the seat of slavery
  13. On Property
  14. A little Bedtime Story
    on the Land Question